How did it start?  Just so happened…

As a child I was keen on dogs. The very first VIZSLA I’ve ever met was a young male called Alpárházi Ali, bought by my godparents as an ornament to their garden. Their enthusiasm came to an end soon, but I kept on with spending most of my time accompanied by Ali. We used to live nearby we went for long walks, riding bike etc with Ali together. Unfortunately, I could only enjoy his company for 3 years as my relatives preferred the garden to Ali.... so he was rehomed.

Only after a long and eager expectation, 8 years later I had the opportunity to get my first really own vizsla puppy, called Vadaszfai Zsuzsó "Csenge". I wouldn’t say picking precisely just her was a result of a long-drawn, well-worked-out and purposive choice. Frankly saying, it happened by the will of the powers above...


Through years of time Csenge became a well-known show-dog and also an excellent hunter. The Csipkeskuti kennel was founded in 1998 based on Csenge’s line. Rearing 3 litters she gave numerous international show winners to the vizsla population. However Csenge is retired being 11-years old, belying to her age she is still vivid and happy and always ready to play.

It is said: entrant’s fortune – and, yes, it is! Having such a special, real Hungarian Vizsla, with whom the genetic basis of Csipkeskuti kennel has been established is splendid fortune

Years spent with Csenge helped me to define my motto: "the aim is to breed Hungarian vizsla with a perfect structure and passionate hunting ability like Csenge, who also has a lovely personality and in this sense is a perfect pet."